Tai Lopez & The 67 Steps

We love books here at The Book Scoop and so does Tai Lopez. There are many speculations about Tai and his 67 Steps program and whether it’s a scam or legitimate. I read an interesting Tai Lopez Review where the 67 steps program had a dramatic effect on this individual’s life for the positive. You can find the review at TaiLopezReview.org. If you are speculating about the program, I suggest you read the review from start to finish and it may change your perception about Tai’s program. So how is this relevant to The Book Scoop? Well…

Tai Lopez has one of the biggest book clubs in the world, closely trailing Oprah Winfrey. Almost every single one of Tai’s videos in his 67-steps program has mountains of books in the background. He is a huge advocate for reading and repetitively drills the importance of reading for financial success. His favorite quote being from Warren Buffet: “The more you earn, the more you learn”. Tai supposedly reads a book every single day. Some people struggle to get through one book a year, let alone one per day. Tai has had tremendous success financially and he relates this success to the copious amounts of books he has read. Because we love reading, I have posted a video below which gives a Tai’s smart reading tips. It’s filled with value very easy to implement into your reading.

If you have had an experience with Tai Lopez and his 67-steps program, leave a comment below. To your success!



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