Simple Reading Suggestions

One of the most important reading skills that you may have to develop is that of speed-reading and to help you out, you should take the help of whichever speed reading tips that come your way. These tips will surely and dramatically improve your reading speed, and though there are a number of speed-reading tips worth trying out, you would be well advised to check the following most important ones.


The first and perhaps the most important of all speed-reading tips is to ensure skimming through the table of contents in order to get an idea what a book contains, because it will definitely help you connect with the main ideas in a book, and you can even improve your reading speed by simply omitting certain chapters that you feel are not very useful.

You should also ensure relaxing before you sit down to read as this is an important speed-reading tip that helps in making the reading process more enjoyable since you would be reading with a fresh and clear mind and the content will, therefore, make more sense to you. People that read under stress or when they are worried tend to have more difficulties in retaining information and so will not benefit from reading.

The third important speed-reading tip is getting to focus on certain keywords and this is not hard to achieve because approximately sixty percent of all content is in the form of keywords. Also, you can choose to read books that are very meaningful, as a book that is meaningful will be concise and this will ultimately help in speed-reading and comprehension.

A fourth speed-reading tip worth heeding is to set yourself goals which must then be achieved through dedication and determination. You also need to be patient because that is what will help you to hone your skills and in addition, you also must constantly set you new goals that need to be achieved one by one.

You can also benefit by increasing your vocabulary and by learning new words, you will be able to understand the language better and this will translate into faster reading time. Finally, and perhaps the most important of all speed reading tips, you need to practice like crazy because over time it will help you to understand and master the proper speed reading techniques and this will then help in improving your reading speed as well as allow you to retain and comprehend what you have just read.

You can also choose to improve your reading skills by using a speed reading book which will help you to read faster. You can, in fact, reach greater heights in speed reading by not holding back and instead, follow the speed reading tips to the limit, and in addition, also test you to see how well you have understood the content, because speed reading would serve no purpose if you are not able to comprehend and also retain the text you have read.

Are you the one who is looking to improve your reading speed? If you answered yes, then the following five ways might suit you well and assist you in increasing your reading speed. Attempt to implement these methods and you will notice a dramatic increase in your reading speed.

1) Read in a silent and a comfortable environment. This will help in calming your brain and nerves. You will be able to comprehend the words and the sentences quickly and also read faster than before.

2) Do not study or read anything continuously for more than an hour at a stretch. This will not only cause your eye – muscles to become strained, but it will also have its effects on your reading speed. A quick 5 – 10 minute breaks in between is ideal and will prove to be beneficial for your speed.

3) Try to focus on two words at once while reading. By following this method, you can increase your eye-span and can also read at a much faster rate. Please note, it might take you some days or weeks to master this technique, but eventually the results will show up and you will definitely improve reading speed.

4) Always use a pen or a pencil to hover over the lines which you are reading. Often people get confused after reading a long line with confusing words and suddenly they loose track of reading. After you point your pencil, make sure you increase the movement of the pencil or the pen as well, so that you are increasing your reading speed indirectly.

5) Try to visualize it, comprehend it, anticipate it and take out more from your reading. Let it be a great moment for you and feel happy whilst you are reading. When you are reading something it is essential to make sure that you are not only reading for the sake of reading. Have a purpose!

By following all these steps and practicing them daily, you can not only improve reading speed but you will also realize that you are now working more efficiently and comprehending information at a much faster rate than before.

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