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An Update and Some News…

thinkingHello lovely readers of The Book Scoop,

Things around here haven’t been as hoppin’ as it has been in the past and there are a couple of reasons for that.

Book Binge (my other book blog) is moving from Blogger to WordPress in the next few weeks and with all of that going on, it’s given me a lot of time to think about what I’m going to do with this place.

Do I want to keep maintaining two different book blogs?

The answer to that is….no.

I’m starting to get tired of maintaining both blogs so I’ve decided to shut The Book Scoop down.  I’ll still be blogging about my thoughts on the books that I’m reading but I’m going to be doing that on Book Binge.

I started this blog to have a place to talk about the YA books that I’m reading.  Book Binge isn’t a YA blog but it’s still a book blog and I can talk about YA books over there.  We didn’t want Book Binge to be a Young Adult book blog back when I started The Book Scoop but those feelings have gone out the window since we know what we are and what we want to accomplish there and me posting my YA reviews won’t change that.

Holly and I are pretty stoked about the move to WordPress because on top of the move, we got a new template and we’re really liking the way that it’s coming together.  We couldn’t wait to share all of that with our readers so I’m hoping that you guys will follow me over to Book Binge and continue to read my thoughts on the books that I’ll be reading.

I think I’ve completed reviewing obligations for books on The Book Scoop so from here on out, my reviews will be posted over at Book Binge.  You’ll be able to find all of my reviews for this blog over at Book Binge as well so my reviews will still be around.

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